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Meet The Team

TEAM Rebecca.jpg


Hippie commune roots and a modern organic aesthetics. Rebecca is lover of tacos and a hater of high heels. She strives for a harmonious home while raising a perfectly chaotic mess of a child, husband and dog.

TEAM Gilbert.JPG


Gilbert never met a stranger. He is eclectic in his design with a nod to minimalism. Passionate about Ikebana flower arrangement, enchiladas and margarita's. He fancies himself as an expert chair tester and all around good time seeker. 



 Born and raised in a small Texas town, Abby ran away to the big city of New York for ten years before returning to Texas and planting roots in Austin. Fashion, furniture and design catch her attention, but her real love is for plants, cats, tequila and Roy Orbison. 

TEAM John and Douglas.jpg

John & Douglas

Over lunch one day in 2004 John and Douglas decided to open Nest Modern and bring their modern design mix to Austin.  Our main goal was to have fun with design in the Austin community and we are so excited to be still doing that after 17 years 

John is a passionate designer and a Sagittarius so he loves to travel.  Still looking for his balance of modern minimalism while being a maximalist. Loves a good red wine and a stroll with his dog. Notices lamps before people.

Douglas is an artist, designer, chef and all around creative “ tour de force”.  He never met a corn chip he didn’t like and his favorite catch phrase is “Can I get a lime with that?”

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